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Want more info on caller id spoofing?  One of the most informative sites, Wikipedia, offers a page with in-depth details on caller id spoofing.

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Info on caller ID spoofing providers:

Since its inception, there have been a number of caller ID spoofing websites created.  Each spoofing provider essentially offers the same service with the same options.  Some spoofing providers also offer additional services that some do not.

As well, caller ID spoofing providers offer various rates.  Some providers charge up to 50% more than others.  As well, some spoofing providers charge additional fees such as monthly maintenance fees, while others do not.  It is important to research the various caller ID spoofing providers to determine the least expensive one.

SpoofTel is the longest running call display spoofing provider on the web.  In addition, it offers rates at nearly 50% less than some of its competitors.

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As well as offering the low rates that they do, SpoofTel offers a free trial of its service to anyone who visits www.spooftel.com.